It was not the only problem that people have not received their Aadhaar cards yet but in many places of the country, it is seen that Aadhaar cards of many people are found stranded in the garbage bins. The news is from Himayanpur village under Firozabad district which comes under the state of Uttar Pradesh. Nearly as many as a dozen of aadhaar cards were found in garbage dump in one of the streets. When people came to know about this, they gathered around CL Jain College in Firozabad.

aadhaarMany questions were raised by the people present there with one being who was responsible for a situation like this, as all these cards were supposed to be delivered at their postal addresses. One of the individuals from the people present there named Mahesh Savita said that there were no aadhaar cards in the garbage at night but the next day in morning a dozen of aadhaar cards were found. All the disposed of aadhaar cards were taken by the sweeper. On seeing a situation like this, a lot of frustration was seen in the eyes of people as they spent long hours waiting for their turns for enrollment of their aadhaar cards.

There are many places where the enrollment process is still going on like Nawanshahr which is a district of Punjab. People of all ages, from young to old are getting enrolled for their cards. A lot of people are coming at Baradari garden for their aadhaar enrollments. On the very first day, total 80 people were enrolled. The supervisors present at the enrollment center Pawanpreet Kaur, Raghudeep, Maninder Sharma, Arun Kumar and Ajay Kumar said that everyone is excited for enrollment of their cards. The enrollment process is done 5 days in a week at the center and the timings are from 9 AM to 5 PM. Enrollments are also done on Saturday and the timings on Saturday are from 9 AM to 12 noon.

Aadhaar enrollment process is underway in other parts of Punjab also. Sarpanch Jaspreet Singh and Gurmukh Singh from Landeke village, Moga said that all the individuals are told about all the benefits that they will get with the help of their UID cards. AS per the stats, till now 6000 people have been registered in Landeke village, Moga.