The government of our country seems to be working really hard towards providing each and every of its citizen with their respective Aadhaar cards. In the latest from the capital, now the prisoners in jail in the Bokaro district of Jharkhand will also have their Aadhaar cards being made. This process of enrolling the prisoners will begin very shortly here. Out of the total 416 prisoners in the Telughat Prison, photograph of around 350 prisoners has already been taken by the authority for this purpose. In the next step, the signatures of these prisoners will be validated by the Jail Superintendant and then they will be enrolled in the order of their prisoner numbers.

aadhaarThe address of the jail where they have been kept right now will be quoted as their current address on the Aadhaar cards. Once they are released from the prison, they may change this address as per their wishes. Contact numbers of their family members can be provided in the enrolment forms. This data will also be maintained as well as used by the NCCA i.e. the National Crime Control Agency. This action will prevent these prisoners from manipulating their identities in the future.

Meanwhile in Delhi, the government has made Aadhaar card mandatory for accessing many schemes and welfare services in the state, but there is no news regarding the time needed for providing each of its citizen with their respective UID cards. Once this scheme is implemented, people who have not received their cards yet will have to suffer. In some areas, people have not received their cards even after 10 months of getting enrolled for the same. As a result, people have been coming to the ADM office to inquire about their cards. Plight of people gets multiplied many folds here when the bank officials ask for their Aadhar cards during the process of opening a new bank account. Despite having all other valid identity proof documents, Aadhar card has become a must have for this purpose.

Since the ADM has no solution to this problem, he has been asking the people to wait for some more time. He added that Aadhaar cards are delivered from Bangalore, so it may take longer than expected. He asked the people to download the electronic version of their cards from the website in case they need it urgently.

In the Saharsa region of Bihar, Aadhar enrolment process has been started by Om Software which is authorised by the UIDAI i.e. the Unique Identification Authority of India. Huge crowds of people have been seen at the enrolment centres set up here. So far 4 computers are being used here for enrolling people. When contacted the company, an official said that the government has asked the company to enrol 40 crore people by the end of the year 2014.

Apparently all the Block Development Officers (BDOs) in the Seraikela district of Jharkhand have been asked to enrol each and every individual in the district within 15 days. The BDOs have been asked to increase the machines in case they find that work is going slow in any region. The ADC Mr. C K Singh said that old age pensions as well as funds for MNREGA workers are supposed to be transferred into the Aadhaar linked bank accounts of the beneficiaries. And for this purpose, it was important that each and every beneficiary should have his/ her Aadhar cards with them. He also added that about 68% of the enrolment work has already been completed in the district.