The government of Madhya Pradesh got orders from the central government to make aadhaar card mandatory for people who want to take their provident fund and pension. The decision was made mandatory in three districts from January 1 which were Harda, Khandwa and Hoshangabad. The government is soon going to implement the scheme in all over the state. EPFO has already notified the people who come under these three districts that aadhaar is mandatory if they wanted to get their pension and provident fund. Central government gave orders to the state government to collect the information of all the EPFO members and the pensioners and to link the bank accounts of the beneficiaries by December 31. The central government has asked the officials to setup new camps for collecting all this information.

Unique Identification Authority of India has decided to setup permanent aadhaar enrollment centers in the state of Andhra Pradesh within a month. As per the reports it is estimated that near about 1400 camps will be setted up in the entire state. The control of these centers is given to the IT department of Andhra Pradesh and the central common service will also support in smooth running of these enrollment centers. With the setting up of these enrollment centers people will be able to facilitate all the aadhaar card based services easily without any problem.

Recently a report was published in the Mid-day which told that the details of the individuals which are collected through the enrollment process of aadhaar are leaked to various third party companies without prior knowledge to the enroller. In the report, a Colaba based couple received a letter from a bank in which a bank account opening letter for their 10 years old daughter was included. It was a welcome letter from Indian Overseas Bank which stated opening of a savings account for the 10 year old girl. The family didn’t knew anything about the case and went to the bank to know what the matter was. The bank officials said that they have received these details from the central government, whereas Unique Identification Authority of India claims that they don’t share information of enrollers to third parties without the knowledge of enrollers.