Ever since the Aadhaar enrolment process has commenced in the country, all sorts of complaints have been received from the people. Insufficient number of enrolment centres as well as employees and insufficient machines at the centres were some of the problems that came forward so far. A similar yet completely strange incident took place in Faridabad lately when the people faced problems with the working of these enrolment centres.

The residents of Rahul colony here have forwarded a memorandum regarding the irregularities in the whole process of Aadhaar card enrolment. They lodged a complaint with Pradeep Godara, the ADC of Faridabad in this respect. The residents of this colony have informed that their enrolment was taking place at the Mayor Camp. As per the guidelines assigned by the government, an acknowledgement slip is provided to the enroller after his/ her photograph is taken at the centre.

aadhaarSurprisingly this facility is not being provided at this centre. People have also informed about the partial behaviour of the centre employees who give priority to their kin’s and people whom they know. After listening to the grievances of the people, the ADC has ensured the people that this whole matter will be taken care of by the authorities and an investigation committee will be set up for this purpose.

Faridabad is a region near the Delhi NCR and such irregularities so closer to the capital raises concerns over the condition of other aadhaar centers. Government should take into the consideration the number of issues raised by the residents so as to remove any disapperacies in the aadhaar system.

This system is widely praised and can become the backbone of India if implemented properly. The major advantage will be reduction in corruption and providing a document to every citizen of India with proof of identity which cant be faked and can be verified very easily thereby preventing any misuse of identity.