While both the central government as well as the citizens are thriving with zeal in order to promote as well as establish this new identification scheme throughout the country, there are many hindrances and troubles that this scheme has to go through. Ever since Aadhaar scheme has been launched, it has got its share of controversies as well as support stories. At a time when the government is playing hard to establish the Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) scheme; it is facing trouble and opposition from one of the most important factors which will decide its fate. This opposing factor is the banks.

It is a known fact that banks are the backbone of the DBT scheme. It is impossible to implement such a scheme without the support from banks. A number of banks in the country, including the most prominent SBI i.e. State Bank of India has expressed their opposition towards making amendments in their present working system in order to accommodate room for this DBT scheme. The banks are visibly not in the mood to follow the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) platform.

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Few concerns of the banks should be considered before implementing DBT at large scale.

Lately, the UIDAI has been issuing unique 12 digit identification numbers i.e. Aadhaar numbers to all the citizens of India. Now it wants to extend the use of this number by providing subsidies as well as benefits directly into the bank accounts of the beneficiaries under this DBT scheme. The government has expressed its dream of launching this scheme throughout the country before the next general elections in 2014. But this opposition may prove to be the obstacle in their path. The banks have asked the UIDAI to come forward and take the responsibility of all the fake ID cards so that this scheme can be implemented. In simple words, if an individual lodges complain that another individual has withdrawn money from his account, and then UIDAI will be held responsible for this rather than the bank itself. Moreover, the UIDAI has asked banks to change their current working system so that the beneficiaries will be able to withdraw their money from any bank branch with the help of some handheld machine or device, like in the case of withdrawing money from any ATM machine. Apparently, the banks have refused to implement this new system as it will lease out on the security.

The Deputy Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of IBA i.e. the Indian Banks Association said that even if they will make these changes, there is going to be least inter- operability in the rural regions. Similarly, an SBI official said that if they will provide transactions through an individual’s Aadhaar number, then there will be no guarantee on the authenticity of his/ her identity. Anyone can later on claim that the holder did not perform the actual transactions. In such a situation, who can be held responsible for this dilemma? The official further added that if such situation ever occurs, then definitely the UIDAI must take the responsibility for it.

No matter what the banks have been saying regarding security issues related to Aadhaar card, the Election Commission definitely has some different views. In the latest, all those individuals without voter ID cards can now poll their votes using their Aadhaar numbers. This facility is supposed to be implemented in the upcoming legislative elections in Karnataka. Apart from this, the smart cards which will be issued under the NPR i.e. the National Population Register can also be used to cast votes in the future.