The honourable Union Finance Minister of India, Mr. P Chidambaram recently announced the Union Budget for the financial year 2013 to 2014. During the ceremony, he announced that during this term of the United Progressive Alliance i.e. the UPA government, the Direct Benefits Transfer i.e. the DBT scheme will be implemented throughout the country.

chidambaram dctIn his speech, the Finance Minister said that the DBT scheme has been so far able to capture the imaginations of the citizens of this country, especially the poor people living in the rural regions. He assured the public that the government in this country is a government for the people. Being a democratic country, he also said that the money belonged to the people of this country only. He said that the Aapka Paisa Apke Haath slogan was true and that there is no opposition to it from the government’s side.

He said that the government has been successful in giving a cautious as well as modest start to the scheme during the start of this year. He further added that the smiles on the faces of the Dalit and under privileged boys and girls who have got their scholarships are satisfying to the government and is motivating them to bring more reforms for the betterment of the citizens of this country. Apart from this, the government has also seen the satisfied as well as happy faces of the pregnant women in the country who have been ensured that proper mother as well as child care will be provided to them both before as well as after child birth.

The government is constantly working for increasing the benefits of the people by digitizing the list of beneficiaries and by opening bank accounts for each and every beneficiary. Simultaneously, it is also aiming at linking these bank accounts with the corresponding Aadhaar numbers of the beneficiaries. In the end, the Finance Minister ensured the citizens of India as well as the House that the DBT scheme will be rolled out in the country during the current term of the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government.