Aadhaar card based DCT scheme cannot be implemented in West Bengal. The main reason that it can’t be implemented is that very less population of West Bengal, approximately 19% have been enrolled for aadhaar card till date. More population is needed to be enrolled so that implementation of various services can take place. It will take nearly 2-3 years so that implementation of various aadhaar services can be done in West Bengal. Jyotipriya Mullick is not satisfied with the government’s scheme and has always opposed the government regarding the aadhaar project, he added that DCT will lead to unemployment in the state.

Aadhaar based Ghira has already been launched in the state of Goa. On 11th January, 2013 first payment was obtained by 7500 beneficiaries under the project. The beneficiaries were provided with Rs 1000 in their bank accounts. The housewives who are having their annual income of Rs 3 lakh can participate in Ghira scheme. An official of Unique Identification Authority of India said that they have received applications of 30000 applications to get enrolled under the Ghira project based on aadhaar.

However, members of CPI, Communist Party of India were seen against the project. They said that they will start a campaign against the Ghira Project and one of the members of the party said that they will start the campaign in Mumbai city and will collect signatures of 5 lakh individuals saying that they are against the scheme. Communist Party of India demands government to withdraw their scheme back and they are saying that government wants to divert people’s attention with the launching of such schemes.

DCT beside the advantages of curbing corruption is under criticism because of cash involved instead of goods. People claim that cash given for the purpose of food or subsidy can be misused at very high level and people will not buy the necessary goods which can further increase the problems of malnutrition. Poor family can go under sever crises of the main member of the family spend this money for other purposes. Therefore DCT may not as beneficial as government of India thinks. Also few analysts have also claimed that its motto is to win the election and government is not serious at all in the benefit of poor peoples.