Preparations have already been started in Gurgaon for the enrolment process to begin. Various colleges of Gurgaon have also demanded the district administration to provide them with the machines required for aadhaar card enrollment. The college administration have also added a special column for students to enter their aadhaar number starting this session. With the addition of aadhaar number in the forms of the students, the students who are supposed to get benefit from the scholarship programs will directly get the benefitted amount in their aadhaar linked bank accounts. The district administration will be asked to provide assistance so that aadhaar cards can be made up in colleges.

51,300 pensioners have signed up for Social Security Pension Scheme in Sahibganj. The linking of the accounts of the individuals is in process. There are still many villages where aadhaar cards have not been made yet. The government has asked various agencies to speed up the process and provide all the people with their aadhar cards and has asked to complete the enrollment process quickly. The district administration has requested all people to open bank accounts with bank branches which provide core banking facilities. The people who have signed up for old age pension scheme will get an amount of Rs 400/- per month. People who are above 60 years of age and have signed up for Indira Gandhi National Old-age Pension scheme will get Rs 700/- per month. People who have signed for Indira Gandhi National Widow Pension and Indira Gandhi National Disability Pension scheme will get Rs 700/- per month.

Pakur’s district administration has asked the officials to mention the aadhar number of the people in their ration cards. The district collector has been directed to finish data entry job of e-ration card of the people who are below poverty line within 14 days and also mention the aadhar number of the people on their ration cards. 1.08 lac Below Poverty line and 63,000 above poverty line e-ration cards are still to be made.
The building where all the data of the population of India is stored for aadhar enrollment is going to be the first blast proof building of India which is expected to be completed within next year. This building will be blast, flood and earthquake proof and will be built in the silicon valley of India i.e. Bangalore. The data of the people who have registered for aadhaar will be stored in digital form in this building.