All this time the government has been emphasising on the significance of Aadhaar cards for the citizens of this country. However, ironical situations have crept up recently in the system. In some peculiar cases, instead of the picture of the card holder, there is a picture of empty chairs, trees and even dogs. When this strange issue was taken to Ashok Dalwai, the Deputy Director General of Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), he agreed that the system went through some lapses but also added that no system is ever full proof.

Aadhaar Card

This is how printed Aadhaar card looks.

He further said that this case of printing empty chairs instead of the enroller’s photograph has come to his notice as well. This particular mistake takes place due to the carelessness of the operator at the enrolment centres. For the verification of such Aadhaar cards, the finger prints of the individuals will be examined by the authority. Another reason leading to this may be that the operator has copied the incorrect picture instead of the actual photograph of the enroller. A team consisting of efficient workers has been set up which will examine the cards by manual duplication checking.

Another absurd mistake that has been noticed as well as accepted by Ashok Dalwai is that instead of enroller’s finger prints, there are the finger prints of the operator present on many Aadhaar cards. While guiding the enroller, the operator must have unknowingly entered his own finger prints on to the machine. Once any such incident takes place, that particular enrolment gets cancelled and the enroller is informed about this by the operator. The enroller has to start the process of enrolling from the beginning once again. He further added that no individual is allowed to get enrolled more than once. He/ she have to get a notification from the UIDAI for this purpose. In the end, he also asked the people not to re- enrol themselves until and unless they get a rejected certificate from the UIDAI officials.