There is finally a sigh of relief for the government as well as for the citizens of India. Under the much awaited Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) scheme based on Aadhar card, an amount of Rs. 1.64 crore was transferred into the Aadhaar linked bank accounts of the 37, 663 LPG consumers on the very first day of the launch of this scheme in 18 districts across the country. The authorities are hoping to see a transfer of approximately the same amount on the second day of the scheme as well.

aadhaar LPGOfficials from the Oil & Petroleum Ministry of India have informed that the subsidy amount of one LPG cylinder has been transferred in advance into the bank accounts of all the beneficiaries. The government has fixed the amount of subsidy on a single LPG cylinder to be Rs. 435. From the next time, the consumers will have to book for refilling their LPG cylinders and only then the amount of subsidy will be transferred into their respective bank accounts. However, it is compulsory that they have to purchase the LPG cylinders at their market price only.

Another piece of information from the government has stated that around 1 lakh people in these 18 districts of India got their LPG subsidy transferred into their bank accounts within the first 3 days of the implementation of this scheme. Around 30000 Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) transfers took place each day. However, the failure rate of these transactions was found to be approximately below 0.5%.

This subsidy being provided by the government under the DBT scheme is only for getting 9 LPG cylinders in a year. The authorities believe that around 67 lakh people will get their subsidies very soon under this DBT scheme. All the LPG consumers in these 18 districts of the country have been asked to link their Aadhar cards with their consumer numbers as well as their bank accounts. They have been asked to do the needful as soon as possible. As per the records, at present there are around 14 crore LPG consumers in the country.