It seems that the Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) scheme of the government is finally going to be implemented in the country. As per the latest plans formulated by the central government, this DBT scheme based on Aadhaar card is going to offer LPG subsidy to 14 crore LPG consumers in country very shortly. It has been heard from trustworthy sources that since the number of LPG consumers is increasing day by day in country, government needs some extra time to open bank accounts of all these beneficiaries as well as to link their bank accounts with their respective Aadhaar numbers.

aadhaar LPGAll the banks have been asked to get ready for this huge implementation. The bank accounts belonging to each beneficiary will be credited with Rs. 4000 annually for 9 subsidised LPG cylinders that they will be getting. The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has claimed that it has created 32 crore Aadhaar cards so far but unfortunately due to lack of time, only 80 lakh Aadhaar cards have been linked with bank accounts of the beneficiaries. The DBT scheme will be initially launched in 20 districts in the country as a pilot project. The subsidy amount will be credited into the bank accounts of the consumer while he/ she have to buy LPG cylinder from the agencies at the normal market price. The government is aiming at curbing the illegal use of LPG cylinders in the country with the implementation of this scheme.

Meanwhile in Maharashtra, the government has taken the decision to make Aadhaar card compulsory in six districts for all the government employees. These cities are Mumbai, Wardha, Nandubar, Amravati and Pune. All government employees have been given a deadline for the submission of their Aadhaar numbers. Besides in offices, this decision will also be implemented in government based educational institutions. Now onwards, the pension as well as salary will be directly transferred into the Aadhaar linked bank accounts of the beneficiaries. Since corruption is a part of government, this implementation will curb illegal sources of income of these employees. If this scheme is implemented properly, then an amount of around 5 crore will be saved by the state government annually.

In Haryana, around 70% of the people in Ambala district have already received their Aadhaar cards out of the total 92% people who have enrolled so far. The state government has asked people to come forward and get enrolled at the earliest because this 12 digit unique Aadhaar number will be needed to access schemes and welfare services provided by the government in the future. These services will include subsidy for LPG, scholarships as well as pension among many others.