It has come in the news that the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has failed to reach the individuals who enrolled for aadhaar card in Himachal Pradesh. According to the records, there are lakhs of aadhaar enrollments done in the state, but the people have not received their aadhaar cards yet and the time period has crossed more than a year. People have enrolled for aadhaar before April, 2012 and it is more than a year that they have not receive their aadhaar cards neither they are able to download e-aadhaar as they are not available at the Unique Identification Authority Of India Website.


Wait for aadhaar continues even after years

The people of Himachal Pradesh are constantly visiting the enrollment centres where they were enrolled to know about the status of the delivery of their card. On asking the employees working at the enrollment centre, they said that they have completed the entire procedure that was to be done from their end, after that they have sent the cards to be made to Bangalore. Even the employees working there are not having any information about the status of aadhaar cards. The only solution people are getting from the enrollment centre is the toll free number where they can register their complaint of not receiving the card.

Many people filed complaints and even after making the complaints they haven’t received their aadhaar cards. As per UIDAI, they time frame in which the people should get their cards delivered at home is within 45 – 90 days. But in Himachal Pradesh, it has been more than a year and people have no clue regarding their cards. Some of the people also complained that the chief Minister of Himachal received his aadhaar card within 5 days of enrollment. And if we look at the population of Himachal, they are without their aadhaar cards after waiting more than a year.

On asking the company who is incharge of aadhaar, they said the enrollment process of VIP’s is faster because of high priority being given to them. UIDAI told that all the registrations which were done last year in the months of August and September are not able to get accessed. The software team is developing special software so that they can regain control over all the registration details of the users. Even if UIDAI fails to get information about the registrations, then the candidates may have to enroll again. The resource person of the company Mr. Anupam Rathore said that all the people who have not received their aadhaar cards yet, can call on toll free number provided of lodge a complaint at the office.
From some sources we even came to know that they have seen aadhaar cards lying in the post office with no one to take care of them. The cards are not delivered at the delivery addresses of the individuals. There were nearly 30,000 cards lying for delivery at one of the post office. Moreover there are cards where wrong postal address is printed which is also causing many problems.