The government started the aadhaar project so that both the identity and address of the individual were verified. Government has already started distributing aadhaar to the people but in many areas it was seen that there was no one available to receive their aadhaar cards. All the cards which are made came from Bangalore and are then sent to post offices for distribution. Then is the responsibility of the postman to deliver these cards, but in many areas rightful owners of cards were not found and postman travelled from street to street so that they were able to find the rightful owners. With been searching for the rightful person from months, the postman handled all the cards to the RWA and to a few other responsible people of that locality. Now, the people are searched from home to home but no one is able to be founded. With no hope of finding the rightful owner of these aadhaar cards, all the cards were handed over to the SDM office of the region so that no one can take advantage of these cards.


Less enrollment, delay in enrollment and now no claim for the issued aadhaar cards! Problems seems to be increasing for aadhaar now

The politicians are considered responsible for this mess. According to the United Identification Authority of India’s guidelines the municipal councilor and regional legislator are allowed to confirm both the name as well address of the individuals on their letter pads. As there was a lot of pressure of the government to speed up the enrollment process, so workers were asked to enroll people coming with letter pads. This resulted in a mess in Delhi as a large number of people were living on rent and didn’t mentioned their permanent address on their forms. The people living on rents moved to other locations due to some issues and therefore the postman was not able to find the rightful owners of the aadhaar cards as there was no permanent address mentioned. There were many landlords who let the tenants live without completing the police verification. Now, as they had not verified their tenants with the police so they are accepting cards and moreover are denying if anyone with that name stayed there.

Aadhaar will benefit the election commission of Uttar Pradesh while voting so that duplicate voters can be detected. An official from the Uttar Pradesh Government said that they have started collecting the aadhaar details of the people of Uttar Pradesh so that they can update them in their database.

Registration centers had been started in Bal Bharti School by Laxman Vihar RWA in Gurgaon, Haryana.
The camp started on June 6 and lasted for 10 days. As per the secretary of the association the main aim behind setting up the camp was for easy enrollments of people.