The Railway ministry is thinking to use aadhaar for the purpose of making railway reservation so that no agents are involved in the booking of the tickets and the level of corruption can be lowered. If this scheme gets started the person who wants to make the ticket reservation needs to use his aadhar card. Government plans to start the service by the year 2014 after getting the approval done. The aadhaar card of the individual will be used firstly for the reservation of the ticket through online and then the individual will be required to show his/her aadhaar card at the railway counters for verification. CRIS has already started the procedure for the implementation of the scheme. The Train Ticket Examiner will carry a terminal machine along with him which will be having all the details of the passengers who are travelling in the train.

Indian Railways aadhaarThe machine will be used to verify the passenger details by taking the thumb impression and then thumb impression will match the details of the passenger stored in the machine. If the machine fails to identify the impression than it is clear that the person who is travelling has used a fake identity while doing reservation of the tickets. This complete system will be examined by officials at all the times and even there is no chance that the Train Ticket Examiner can save the passenger.

Aadhar card will be used in four phases while the process of ticket reservation. In the very first phase aadhaar will be used along with other documents required for verification so that the passengers who are not having their aadhar with them also get the capability to book tickets. The railway ministry has already included aadhaar as a means of verification in the tatkal booking system. The second phase will include the application of aadhar with the current ticket booking system. The third part will include mandatory requirement of aadhaar for tatkal booking system. The fourth and final phase will include the requirement of aadhaar for normal reservation of tickets. IRCTC has also updated the online booking website as per the new norms.

Government is taking steps so that the role of agents can be diminished from the booking of tickets and level of corruption can be decreased but there is no practical use of this project which government is thinking to launch. There are many schemes launched by the government on the basis of aadhar and the entire process which is related to aadhaar project is moving at a very slow pace. It will take many years for the proper implementation to take place of using aadhaar for ticket reservation. The total population of India is approximately 121 crore and approximately 15 lac of people use railways for their everyday traveling. So, it will be very difficult to implement scheme like this as many of the people haven’t received their aadhar till yet. If in any case the government succeeds to implement this scheme there will be a scene of chaos in between the government and passengers. So if you are thinking to take benefit from the scheme you need to wait for at least 3-4 years for implementation of this scheme all over the country.