The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has been shown the mirror by the standing committee of the Parliament for its irregular as well as complaint filled working procedures. Now it has come to light that the UIDAI has formed no basic law or act for its working i.e. there exists no legal basis for the establishment of the UIDAI. Seeing this absurd scenario, this standing committee has now asked the government to form an amended NIAB i.e. National Identification Authority Bill to be presented in the next Parliament session.

UIDAI_logoApart from this, this committee has also demanded a detailed report on the total number of Aadhaar cards that have been distributed by the UIDAI in the last 3 years. To cope with the complaints and irregularities that has been associated with it, the committee wants a solution mechanism as well. Punishment for the defaulters is also on this committee’s agenda. Additionally, the committee also wants to know about the amount of money that government has spent on each and every Aadhaar card so far in the country.

Latest news from the standing committee says that government has not presented the amended bill in the Parliament even after 15 months. The committee is really agitated over this issue. The reason being that government has spent Rs. 2342 crore under this program in the last 3 financial years. And as per the records, Rs. 2620 crore is expected to be spent in the current financial year. The government has been acting very careless regarding this issue. The government was suggested by the committee to make some amendments in the UID scheme as well. So far it seems that the government is not taking these orders seriously.

Despite being warned several times, no report has been submitted so far in the Parliament. Even when there are so many hindrances in its path, Nandan Nilekani feels that around half of the total population in India will have their Aadhaar cards with them till the end of 2014. He further added that by the end of 2013, every third individual in India will be having his/ her Aadhaar card. He was in Washington while he made this declaration. In the end, he added that the government was aiming at providing 40 crore cards by the end of this year. At present, around 25000 to 30000 cards are being processed in India.