Recently 3.8 lakh fake aadhaar cards were cancelled by Unique Identification Authority of India. These cards were generated under biometric clause. In Biometric clause some of the enrollment agencies were given permission not to take biometric details of the users like retinal scan, iris scan etc. In this case the enrollment center only required the photograph of the individual and demographic details like address, date of birth etc. By making a single enrollment the agency gets Rs 50 and there are even some agencies which generate false money through the enrollment procedure also.

aadharOne of the officials from Unique Identification authority of India said “Most of the 45,000 undelivered Aadhaar letters in Andhra Pradesh were under this exception clause. It gave rise to a suspicion and then a later examination brought into the knowledge that out of 48.8 lakh Aadhaar produced in the state, 2.3 lakh Aadhaar numbers were found bogus and eventually were cancelled by the authority”. Apart from Andhra Pradesh there are some other states where fake aadhaar card enrollments were done.

The exception of not providing the biometric details of the individual was only for highly disabled people for whom it would be difficult to complete the procedure, said a Government official from Delhi. When investigation was carried out it was seen that there are already 13000 false enrollments done. As per UIDAI, the states in which false aadhaar enrollments were seen are Tripura, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra.

Now, as per the orders of UIDAI, all the enrollments will be carried out in a normal procedure. If there any case comes where there can be an exception, proper permission is required to be taken from the authorities before the enrollment procedure.